The management of BULGARIAN COMMODITIES Ltd., in the person of the Manager,
officially declares its Quality Management Policy, which is announced, recognized, implemented
and maintained by all employees of the company.
The management policy is aimed at fully satisfying the expectations of the customers in the main
activity of the company – trade in food and agricultural products.

  The main and most important asset is our commercial reputation, which we maintain by
offering products and services with uncompromising high quality, loyalty and confidentiality to our
customers, taking into account their long-term expectations and needs.

To our customers and other stakeholders, we guarantee the following:
– systematic control over the effectiveness of our products and services and their
suitability to meet customer requirements and expectations;
– unity of context, goals and process management;
– timely registration and elimination of omissions and errors;
– periodic assessment of external and internal risks to the organization and taking
measures to minimize them;
– systematic training of employees and providing development opportunities;
– respecting the requirements and expectations of stakeholders;
– continuous improvement of the quality of services;
– Compliance with applicable national regulations and international specifications and
standards including ISO 9001: 2015.

The quality of our business is subject to regular internal audits by qualified auditors and is
monitored by external, independent certification organizations.

        We, BULGARIAN COMMODITIES Ltd., undertake:
– to maintain the Management System in accordance with the requirements of the
international standard ISO 9001: 2015;
– to provide the necessary means and resources to implement the policy and achieve
the set quality objectives;
– to carry out periodically personal reviews of the Management System in order to
evaluate its adequacy and effectiveness;
– to motivate the staff to be committed to achieving the goals;

We guarantee that, within the scope of the Management System, the Policy:
– is suitable for the subject of activity;
– includes commitment to comply with applicable national regulations, international
specifications and quality standards;
– provides a framework for defining and reviewing general and specific quality
– is implemented and maintained;
– has been brought to the knowledge of the staff;
– is available to stakeholders.