About US

We at Bulgarian Commodities LTD are capable and ready to serve customers who are looking for high-quality products of Bulgarian origin. Our mission is not only to assist buyers, but also to help every local manufacturer and exporter find the right market, establish themselves and expand their sales worldwide. Our main goal is to find niche products and expand into new international markets.

Bulgarian Commodities LTD cooperates with experienced partners, which guarantees high-quality and reliable results. Our knowledge, established image, many years of experience, flexibility and internal resources are fundamental and enable us to provide you with the necessary support to achieve success at all stages from the first interview, negotiations, packaging and labelling requirements, through logistics and all other necessary details for the delivery or receipt of the products to the final point. We can deliver equally well whether by land, water, rail or a combination of these. Our logistics team will explain to you all the advantages or disadvantages of each of the transportation methods, so that you have the opportunity to choose the most optimal option at the moment.

We cooperate with partners from North America, Great Britain, Western and Eastern Europe.

TRUST is the motto of Bulgarian Commodities LTD. We strongly believe that trust between customer and supplier is critical for a business to be successful. We not only build a commercial partnership with our customers, but also a friendship between all participants in the process.