Sunflower Seeds in shell

Product Specification
General information
Product name + sort:
Black Sunflower Seeds
Product description:
Seeds for human consumation
Custom tariff code:
Product suitable for:
Food industry
Organoleptic characteristics
Angular, flat, oval shaped seeds, typical shape
Clean fresh aroma. Taste – Typical, nutty, free of strong, stale or rancid taste
Product color:
Black with grey space background
Taste and odor:
Firm, not brittle or soggy
Physical-chemical characteristics
Min. 99.90 %
Broken seeds:
Max. 3.00%
Impurities (organic):
Max. 0.10 %
Rotten/moldy seeds:
Max. 1.00%
Impurities (metal, glass, stones, wood):
Insect Damaged seeds:
Max. 2.00%
Max. 9.00%
Empty seeds/other types:
Max. 3.00%
Our close relationship with growers giving us the opportunity to have wide range of in shell Sunflower Seeds. We can supply different varieties from Black Sunflower Seeds for human consumption to Striped Sunflower Seeds for animal use. Carefully selected, stored and packed we can furnish you with high quality in shell sunflower seeds in different packing options. From 25 kg thought Big bags of 1000 kg or Bulk.