Hulled Sunflower Kernels – Confection

Product Specification
General information
Product name + sort:
Hulled Sunflower kernels – Confection grade
Product description:
Cleaned and hulled sunflower seeds
Custom tariff code:
Product suitable for:
Food industry
Organoleptic characteristics
Grey-white oval seeds
Firmly, free-fluently
Product color:
Off-white, grey, long-circle kernels
Taste and odor:
Fresh, nutty, not bitter or rancid
Physical-chemical characteristics

Min. 99.99 %

Broken kernels (less than ½ kernel):

Max. 7.00 %

Impurities (organic):

Max. 0.01 %

Semi-shelled kernels (residues of shell > ¼ kernel):

Max. 0.1 %

Impurities (metal, glass, stones, wood):
Max. 8.00 %
Discolored kernels:
Max. 2.00 %
Count/oz (pcs/28.35gr):
500 pcs/oz max
Insect damaged kernels:
Max. 2.00 %
With their bigger size Confection Sunflower Kernels are our high end product from Hulled Sunflower seed portfolio. They are produced from special varieties of Sunflower Kernels for hulling. Kernels are brighter, longer and contain less oil, which makes this type of kernels excellent for healthy diet. Our Confection Sunflower Kernels will be best option for your salad, mixed with another seeds and nuts or healthy snack.